Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Message for People Thinking About Getting a Dog

Things To Consider Before Adopting A Dog

We all know the positive sides to having a dog, but here are some things to think about before adopting a dog. 

  • Dogs are not toys.
  • Dogs need lots of care.
  • Kids can not take care of dogs.
  • Their average lifespan is about 13 years. Do you have  that long to dedicate to a dog?
  • Vet bills are expensive.
  • Dogs have to be taken out several times a day.
If you are ready to commit to several years of this and have a lot of love to give, then please consider rescuing a pet. <3  

The Human Society

If you want to help an animal but can't commit to adopting one, you can donate at these foundations.

Pet Finder

End Chimpanzee Medical Experiements


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